OMATA One (kph)

You Move. It Moves.

OMATA One’s core movement translates GPS and sensor data into the mechanical motion of its hands. Pedal harder, the speedometer needle climbs, and the kinetic link between your exertion and your bike’s propulsion grows. It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain, but easy to feel.

Less Distraction More Connection

Unlike a digital screen’s ability to detach us from the present moment, OMATA One’s unique analog interface and oath to simplicity have been designed to enhance it.

Data Done Better

OMATA distinguishes between data that optimizes performance while in motion, and data that’s useful afterwards. A quick glance at its hands shows how you’re doing, right now. OMATA’s Utility App allows integration with activity tracking services like Strava™ — so you can analyze your performance, after your ride.

A Precision Sport Instrument

OMATA One is designed in Los Angeles, California with a ruthless attention to detail, material, color and proportion. It’s comprised of modern digital and precision mechanical technologies, including a custom movement developed in collaboration with Seiko. And each final unit is meticulously hand-crafted in Oulu, Finland.